Carol Smettem Minson

Horses have been in my life since I was 3 year old, starting with show ponies, exhibiting in a wide range of disciplines, developing my interests and basically doing anything on a horse from team chasing to fox hunting.

I’ve have known many of the Travelers personally for over 25 years and have met many on the road to Appleby. We have stayed friends and look forward to meeting up every year, either at Appleby or often they will stop and stay with us on our farm. The Gypsy Cob was introduced to me through these Traveler friends and has been my passion ever since, coming in and out of my life until 12 years ago, when I just had to have more. Their ability to give you so much pleasure at just a glance is one you can’t describe. Now my farm is full of them!

I am President and founder of Gypsy Cob Society, Ltd. in England, Patron for the Gypsy Cob Society, France and recently Vice President for GHRA.
With the new EU regulations brought in 2001, I established the Gypsy Cob Society, Ltd along with my good friend Priscilla Cox. The stud book was set up and the breed became recognized by our governing body as a British Native. I have now established the Gypsy Cob Society of France and am currently working on establishing the Gypsy Cob Society, Nederland.

I work with the gypsies themselves and they have encouraged me to document their history and breeding and in return, I help them with their horse’s regulations. Every horse entered into the French stud book from any part of Europe is inspected by myself and graded, as agreed by the French Haras Nationaux in order to keep the breed true and correct, recently enrolling the help of Mr Hanibel Harker, a well-known Gypsy Cob breeder of many generations, and good friend.

I will always offer any advice to anyone who is interested in this unique breed. I am extremely protective of the correct breed type. Judging continues to excite me as I observe the improvement and understanding of the breed becoming more apparent.