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GHRA Evaluation Request Form

GHRA Evaluation Request Form

  • The Gypsy Horse Registry of America Evaluation Program is open to all GHRA Registered Horses. This Evaluation is a one on one discussion with Judge Carol Smettem Minson or Judge Margo Hepner Hart about the pros and cons of your horse's conformation. How to fix some of the cons and what to think about when breeding. It is a very useful insight into your horses conformation and movement. Evaluations are neither published, nor required by the GHRA. It is totally up to you to make your evaluation public or not.

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GHRA Sanctioned Show

GHRA Sanctioned Show Applicaiton.

  • Please fill out the information below. By filling in the information and applying for a Sanctioned Show you agree to abide by the Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. Rules for Sanctioned Shows, Show Rules and Carded Judges Decisions.

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Colorado Gypsy Cob Club

Club Membership


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Farm/Ranch Prefix/Suffix Application

Farm/Ranch Prefix/Suffix Applicaiton


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