Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo is a wonderful event. The City of Fort Worth is a great and growing city as far as equine activities. The Will Rogers Memorial Center is going through some more big growth changes. There is again this year extensive new building going on with the new Multi-Purpose Pavilion. (Which is being built in the parking lot where we had our trailers for offloading and is adjacent to the building we were housed in.) Previous years construction included the new Multi-Use Equestrian Facility and in another year it was the new parking lot.

Due to parking, construction, arena, scheduling, etc. we were asked to move our GHRA World Show this year to during the week. Due to our many out of state participants as well as those with weekday jobs and children in school, we decided this would not be feasible for 2015. We also will only put on a show that will promote our breed in front of the public versus just “another Gypsy Horse show”. We were told that they were very disappointed we could not make that scheduling change work for us.

Brad Barnes, the President of FWSSR, has said he hopes that when things settle down we could consider returning. But for 2015 we will not hold our GHRA World Show at FWSSR.

In about the next eight weeks or so we will provide more information about 2015. Please do NOT ask for more information which we do not have available to give right this minute. The registry’s office is also in the process of moving, so all info will be provided when it is there to give. As soon as info is available it will be provided.

On a side note, GHRA has no obligation to put on a World Show. NO other Gypsy registry does. It is out of the extremely hard work of a very few that funds are raised, prizes are gathered, arrangements are made for our members to have the privilege of a World Show. Again, a privilege, not a right. We are working on 2015 now and would appreciate support rather than any negativity.

To know what is happening with your registry, check your registry’s Facebook page and registry web page. Those are your safe accurate sources of true information.

THANK YOU and much more excitement to come for our incredible horses and happy members.