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Submitted by:  Linda Hancock, BOD Member, Gypsy & Drum Horses West by Northwest

With passion and great enthusiasm, the Gypsy and Drum Horses West by Northwest Club has set an exciting schedule for the coming year. In keeping with the great interest in our wonderful breeds, two shows are currently in the works for 2016.

The first in the Show Series schedule will be the MT HOOD show April 30 – May 1st, planned for at the Oregon State Fair showgrounds in Salem, Oregon. This will be a three Judge show and will offer many popular classes from halter to performance for Gypsy Horses and Drum Horses.

In addition to the show, GHRA Evaluations will be held on Friday, April 29th for those wishing to participate.

The final schedule of classes is being fine-tuned now and will soon be available for all to see.  To be eligible for Series High Point Awards, you must be a member of the Club prior to the first show of the year. Membership form can be found on Facebook at the Club page & at

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The Western Regional Gypsy & Drum Horse Show during Oregon State Fair, again in Salem, OR is included in the Series High Point Awards also. The 2016 Dates at the Oregon State Fair have not been announced for our breeds. Hopefully the venue dates will be decided upon soon, with proposed classes falling in the last week of August for the long established show.

The Western Regional Gypsy Show is the longest running Gypsy breed showcase in the United States and was established as the first recognized show in 2004. Since then, each year the participation has grown and is becoming more successful every year. The Drum Horse classes were added into the class list in 2009 and with the Gypsy Horses, fairgoers beat a path to the barns to see the exhibits of our breeds as soon as the first entries arrive. More and more fans are garnered for our beautiful horses and the classes are some of the favorites of the crowds.

Again, in 2016, special exhibits and photos by the Gypsy and Drum stalls will be presented, educating the public as to the characteristics, uses, beauty and history of our breeds. The charm of telling tales of the horses we love becomes apparent to the fairgoers, some of whom who attend the Fair every year as fans of the Gypsy Horses they first saw in the flesh at this long running show.

In addition to the Horse Show venues, there are some exciting fun days planned for the Club.  Fund raisers, trail rides and camp outs are on the agenda for the spring and summer months in 2016.  Members input is more than welcome to suggest Club activities and locations.

You DO NOT have to own a Gypsy or Drum Horse to become a supporter or member of the Gypsy & Drum Horses West by Northwest Club. Special rates are offered for those wishing to participate in all Club activities. The goal is to offer new friendships, fun activities and enthusiastic promotion of these horses we love. We look forward to meeting new friends and old and welcome all who join us.

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