GHRA Evaluations

Evaluations are voluntary, private and confidential.  The GHRA never post or publicize the name of any horse or the scoring or the evaluations.   Publicizing the results is strictly the decision of the owner.

The Evaluations are in divisions

Division 1 – Head – Highest Possible Score 20 points

Division 2 – Neck, Withers & Shoulders – Highest Possible Score 20 points

Division 3 – Body & Legs – Highest Possible Score 20 points

Division 4 – Proportions & Overall Appearance – Highest Possible Score 20 points

Division 5 – Temperament & Movement – Highest Possible Score 20 points

Evaluation Rules:

o Gypsy Horses presented for Evaluation by the Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. must be registered or have a pending registration with the GHRA. The fee for Evaluation is $150.00.

o The Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc., the evaluators and host venue will not be responsible for any accident, injury, damage, or illness to any horse, handler, owner, spectator or other persons or property.

o Should the GHRA Evaluations be postponed or canceled all Evaluation fees will be refunded to the owner of the horse.

o All Gypsy Horse Owners are responsible for understanding and abiding by the rules and regulations of the evaluation process.

o Handlers under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult. Handlers under the age of 18 are not allowed to handle stallions.

o If a horse presents a risk to itself, the handler, the evaluators, or the public it will be removed from the evaluations and may be disqualified from the evaluation.

o Once the score has been written it will be recorded. A horse can be re-evaluated at another evaluation. A Gypsy Horse can withdraw part way through a conformation presentation if the owner deems the horse not fit to continue and the score will not be recorded.

o The owner will be given a copy of the score sheet at the conclusion of the Evaluation. The Original Evaluation will be placed in the horses file in the offices of the GHRA Registrar. A Certificate will be mailed to the owner within two weeks of the evaluation.

o Evaluations are never made public, nor will they determine a horses standing in the Registration Book. It is up to the owner of the horse to choose to make it public. The GHRA will not release the evaluation to anyone other than the owner of the horse.

o Copies of the Certificate of Evaluation are available to the owner of the horse for a fee of $10.00 each by contacting the GHRA office.

o Contesting an Evaluation will only be reviewed by submitting information in writing to the GHRA office at PO BOX 1490, New Waverly, TX 77358 within 2 weeks after said evaluation. Photos and a detailed description of the reason for contesting the evaluation must be included. The Board of Directors will oversee the final decision.

GHRA Evaluation Request Form

The Gypsy Horse Registry of America Evaluation Program is open to all GHRA Registered Horses. This Evaluation is a one on one discussion with Judge Carol Smettem Minson or Judge Margo Hepner Hart about the pros and cons of your horse\’s conformation. How to fix some of the cons and what to think about when breeding. It is a very useful insight into your horses conformation and movement. Evaluations are neither published, nor required by the GHRA. It is totally up to you to make your evaluation public or not.