GHRA Social Club Information

Local/Regional GHRA Gypsy Horse Affiliate Social Club Information


Mission Statement and agreement of each Club should be:

1.  To represent and promote the best interest of the GHRA members and their Gypsy Horses that are registered with the Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc.  (aka GHRA).

2.  To provide opportunities for members to socialize, share educational opportunities and experiences with other GHRA members and their registered Gypsy Horses as well as Associate members who have an interest in the promotion of GHRA Gypsy Horses without actually owning a Gypsy Horse.

3. To preserve the heritage, history, and integrity of GHRA registered Gypsy Horses through proper public education,  volunteerism, charity events, record keeping, respect, and good sportsmanship with no negativity towards other members, their Gypsy Horses, or any others.

4.  To encourage communication and friendship among other GHRA members, the GHRA Registry, and other Clubs.

5.  To encourage Youth opportunities in all aspects of the Gypsy Horses. _____________________________________________________________________________

Information regarding Clubs:

1.  The formation of a Club can be based on shared geography, but also can be based on shared specific interests.  ie;  Promotion of Driving Activities, Putting on Shows, Public Education of the breed and the GHRA Registry, Charitable Activities such as Attending Fundraisers or Attending Hospitals, Youth Centered Activities.   It is completely acceptable for there to be multiple Clubs in one region especially if the focus of the Clubs is  different.  GHRA members are encouraged to join several Clubs.

2.  Club Members and Associate Members are expected to abide by the GHRA Registry rules including being respectful of others and their Gypsy Horses.  Violators of good sportsmanship will be removed from the Club.

3. Club will be an organization with a President, Secretary and Treasurer all of which can be the same person initially, as well as Full Members (those that own GHRA registered horses), Family Full Memberships (immediate family of those that own GHRA registered horses), Youth Memberships (up to age 18 and can be a member of a Full Membership family OR also can be any Youth interested in the GHRA Registered Horse promotion), and Associate Members who do not own GHRA registered Gypsy Horse but agrees to the rules of the Club and GHRA Registry.

Suggested (but not mandatory) initial ANNUAL membership fees might be:

  • Full Member ( owner of GHRA registered Gypsy Horse )    $75
  • Lifetime Membership $700
  • Youth Membership   $ 20(one time only fee until age 18)
  • Associate members  $50

4.  When Club reaches a reasonable size, it is recommended that the Club consider becoming a 501(c) non-profit.  GHRA will provide some initial recommendations on this later.

5.  Club should provide meetings or Newsletter or Facebook page, or website or all of the above to keep members engaged and informed of activities.  GHRA will provide technology guidance if it is necessary. _____________________________________________________________________________

GHRA will provide:

1.  For an ANNUAL membership fee of $75, a Club will be listed on the GHRA website, in news letters and magazines in order to help promote additional members for that Club.

2.  Club activities will be listed on the GHRA website as well as announced on GHRA Facebook page (along with GHRA approved photos as space allows).

3.  GHRA will provide guidance regarding technology for Facebook pages, website development, Club growth suggestions, Horse Show guidance, fundraising suggestions within the limits of GHRA knowledge.

4.  GHRA will assist with providing paperwork suggestions to Club such as Membership application, show applications, show score cards, etc.

5.  GHRA reserves the right to add additional Club rules as needed and as changing times dictate.  GHRA reserves the right to terminate any Club’s affiliation should GHRA feel the Club is not promoting GHRA  purposes or is not promoting good sportsmanship or any other violation of GHRA’s purpose with no recourse or refund of Club membership fees.