Sandra Guy Fox

Biography of Sandra Kaye Guy-Fox

I got my first horse at the age of fourteen. It fulfilled a dream and that dream is still on going. Since then, I have bred, shown, and trained Arabians for more than twenty years. Winning many National Championships. I rode with The Battle Creek Hunt Club, showing on the Class “B” circuit. I have shown Morgans, Quarter Horse, as well miniatures, and Shetlands.
I have Judges cards with the GHRA, GHVA, AMHR, ASPCA (all divisions), PtHA, ADS (Pleasure Driving), and the AMHA.
I have judged the AMHR Nationals seven times, The GHRA Challenge Show, Halflinger Nationals twice, Rare Breeds Championship three times, and The Celebration Walking Horse Nationals.
I have judged for over thirty-five years and still get excited everytime I walk onto the judging stage.
I am proud to know that I have also inspired many good people to join in the Judging ranks. They too, have become great judges.
I swear I have the best job in the world.