Sellers Transfer of Ownership

Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc.

1. Check color & markings against the description and markings on the European Passport or GHRA Registration Certificate.
2. Completed the transfer form and attach a copy of the Passport and/or copy of the Registration Certificate, and 2 photographs. (One of each side of the horse standing with the head turned facing the camera. The forelock must be tucked aside so that all facial markings are clearly visible.
3. Buyer & Seller must agree on the height of the horse and enter date the height was measured.

Are you the Seller of the Horse
(DD/MM/YY horse actually changed ownership)
Check if for Transfer is from Temporary to Permanent Status Only.
Name of Horse if registered please give full registered name of horse. If unregistered please give chosen name of horse for registration.
Please list the registration number if the horse is registered.
Please enter the Buyers email address
Please enter the Sellers Email Address.
Please choose the appropriate box to proceed to Paypal and finish your request.

Seller(s) certify that the above named horse was transferred directly to the above named Buyer and that the horse is the horse as described in the attached GHRA passport or registration Certificate.