Sanctioned Shows

What is a GHRA Sanctioned Show?

GHRA Gypsy Horse World Show 2014 photo by John Stephen Hockensmith
GHRA Gypsy Horse World Show 2014 photo by John Stephen Hockensmith

A Sanctioned show is a Gypsy Horse Show that is being conducted outside of the Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc.  Organizers benefit from having their show approved as a Sanctioned show by receiving:

  • Eligibility for financial show sponsorship support
  • Professional Show rules, Judges and forms.
  • Affiliate show points that can be used towards the Ambassador Year End Awards
  • Registry structure is solid, professional, and is a non-profit 501 c(3) organization
  • Support, Guidance, and possible volunteers from the GHRA BOD, Committees and members
  • Advertising and possible participation at National GHRA events
  • Free advertising as an Sanctioned show in our paid ads with American Livestock Magazine, breed registries ads, and listings
  • Free advertising through our social media, GHRA membership emails, GHRA Newsletter.



Recognized Show

A.  Organizations or individuals wishing to stage or sponsor a GHRA recognized show must obtain the approval of the GHRA. Approvals must be obtained each year, and do not carry over from year to year. However, a show having been approved and held the previous year is considered an established show and has priority to identical days per calendar year until terminated.

B.  Show Personnel & Responsibilities

  1. Show Management-for the purpose of evaluating date applications, the office will consider show management to be the party or parties financially responsible for the show. Horses owned by show management may be shown by someone else. This may be a family member.
  2. Show Employees – refers to the following persons: gate attendants, ring clerks, farriers and other persons engaged directly by the show.
  3. Show Officials – includes and refers to the following persons; chairman of the show committee, manager, secretary, judges, stewards, veterinarians, announcers, ring steward, directors and officials.

C.  To obtain show approval, the organization seeking approval shall submit to the GHRA office, postmarked at least 60 days prior to the first date of the proposed show, an application for approval which shall be correctly and entirely completed in detail. Forms are available from the GHRA office.

D.  GHRA shows must be open to all registered horses and owners who are in good standing. No show may limit the number of horses to be shown. No show may limit the number of horses entered by an exhibitor or trainer or limit the number of stalls requested by an exhibitor or trainer. Tack stalls may be limited.

E.  Entry fees must be specified and any class without an entry fee so stated. (Exception: Halter Championships where no entry fee can be charged). No change in entry fees will be permitted after approval has been granted. Violation may cause disqualification of the show.

F.  Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. approved shows are to be limited to a maximum of three judges over two consecutive days at the same show site. No more than three judges are to be allowed to judge and be in the show ring at the same time on the same day.

G.  No horse shall be given a number or allowed to show at an approved GHRA show unless the exhibitor can show proof of registration or pending registration and height verification to the show management.   NOTE: A pending registration is good for ninety (90) days only.

H.  Names of horses being exhibited will not be made known to the judge prior to the class. Exhibitors will be issued a number for each horse to be displayed on the back of the handler or on the vehicle in a clearly visible position whenever the horse is in the ring. This number will stand for the entire show.

I.  Show management shall announce the time and place for height verification.

J.  No exhibitor must be required to be a member of any organization or club in order to compete in any approved GHRA shows.

K.  An exhibitor cannot be required to pay an entry fee in a halter class to be eligible to show in a performance class and vice versa.

L.  All approved rules are to be observed by everyone connected in any way with exhibiting, setting up approved shows, stewarding or judging GHRA approve shows. Established venue rules must be followed when showing in combination with other events. (Example: If showing at an established State Fair and the Fair has tack or clothing requirements, the Fair rules must be followed.)

M.  If a person makes payment with a non-negotiable check or money order, or refuses to pay an entry fee, stall fee, etc., the management of the show shall report in writing to the GHRA office. The report shall include:

  1. A copy of the insufficient check (with bank refusal markings shown).
  2. Invoice for items paid for by that check.
  3. The show management’s complete contact information.
  4. The complete contact information of the person(s).If such indebtedness is not settled within 30 days, the offender will be ineligible to show at any GHRA show until the indebtedness is settled. The GHRA will publish the offender’s name, address and suspension in the official GHRA publication to notify other GHRA shows of such action. Any points awarded to exhibitor whose fees were paid by that check will be forfeited.

N.  Any show giving a worthless check to a judge, steward, show official, show premium, etc. may be denied all privileges of the GHRA and the show management may be liable to action by the GHRA Board of Directors.

O.  Show management must present show results within 30 days of the last day of the show to the national office and the judge’s cards must be retained by show management for review for 2 years. The registered name, number and height of each horse; and the owner’s name(s), city and state must be entered on the master list; youth exhibitor names are required on all youth classes.

P.  Failure by the show manager to submit show results within 30 days from the date of the show may result in the withdrawal of the approval of the show for the following year, as well as the withholding of the points that each horse would be entitled to receive as a result of their placement in the show.

Q.  A premium list must be uniform to all. All prizes offered must be awarded, if won. The premium list must state the location of the show, name of the show officials, the date, closing date of entries, starting time, measurement time and etc. (as designated in the show approval form). No classes may be added after show premium list has been circulated. Exception; class splitting or combining by judge’s discretion.


Show organizers wishing to have events sanctioned by GHRA are required to provide evidence of insurance naming GHRA as additional insured, and provide at least a $1,000,000 limit / occurrence.  

1.       Commercial General Liability coverage with a minimum limit of $1,000,000 / Occurrence, $2,000,000 General Aggregate

2.       Evidence of coverage should be on an Acord 25 Certificate of Insurance with Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc., 3884 County Road 123, Gainesville, TX 76240 shown as Additional Insured.  GHRA will not accept a copy of the insured’s policy declarations as a substitute for insurance.

3.       The certificate of insurance should show an event number (if you assign them) and the date(s) / location of the show.

4.       Each event will require a separate certificate of insurance.  Event coverage typically requires the carrier to be notified of the exact date of the event in order for coverage to apply, GHRA will not accept coverage which applied to an organizer’s event last month being valid for this month’s event, even if it falls within the coverage period.

5.       Evidence of insurance to be provided to you no less than 30 days ahead of the event date.   

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