Timothy Micheal Wigren
1214 NE 249th
Ridgefield Washington 98642

Permit me to submit a short bio as to my experience and my goals for attaining my Gypsy Cob Breed association judges credentials.
My name is Tim Wigren. I am a professional horseman. Trainer. Clinician, Instructor and Coach.

I have been a professional horse trainer for 31 years , I am the holder of 31 world champion titles. National champions and too many top tens to count … but it is still fun trying.

I hold these wins in the Arabian. Arabian Sporthorse. The Pinto and the Friesian show rings.

I first of all love horses and I love all types of horses and what they have to offer .
I have held in the past my Oregon Horsemans Association card and while I attained that card I was able to get a certification and training through the Oregon Horsemans Association to get my Icelandic card when we had to take the various training requirements for breeds which were commonly judged and for a year I held a card for the Icelandic horse association … I am sorry I did not pursue it further as there was no shows to judge in the area and this card was limited to certain breed shows as an introduction to get more judges .. .in short we paid extra but never got to use it and it dropped after one year .. but it was a breed card. I am not certain as to the year exactly but I believe it was early 1990’s .

Sorry to digress. I do judge many local shows and have submitted some of the last ones I have judged and been able to officiate in the local area.

I have a passion for learning about new breeds and I feel it should be a job for all judges to learn and appreciate many differing horses and their uses.